Media Servers

Do you have an expansive movie or music collection?  Would you like to access it from anywhere in your home?  Would you like to have your collection organized and presented in an easy to use interface?  If so, you should consider a media server.  Behrens offers the highest quality, most reliable and easy to use servers on the market.  Our expert staff will assist you in selecting the device that best fits your entertainment needs.  Imagine no longer hunting for lost or misplaced DVDs or CDs.  Imagine selecting a movie or album from any TV in your home, even playing the same movie simultaneously in multiple rooms!  Even better, if you have multiple residences, your collection can follow you!  Now instead of packing your DVDs or CDs or lugging your laptop around, your entertainment is at the beach house waiting for you.

In addition, our systems offer online movie purchases.  How is this different from Netflix or Amazon Prime? In a word, quality.  The content available to our media servers is offered in full UHD or HD, with zero compression.  You get the content in the same resolution as was displayed in theaters.  Unlike streaming services there is no buffering, screen artifacts or connectivity problems.  Movies and music play consistently, in high quality and reliably.  The servers even allow you to skip those annoying intros and advertisements, just select your movie and start watching.  

Our Jacksonville showroom has several options on display.  Make an appointment today to experience a media server in person.