State-of-the-Art TVs & Displays

Smart TV. LED. OLED. 4K. HDR. There is a dizzying array of options out there. Most people choose their display based on two factors, size and cost. We get it, price is important. But much more goes into making the right selection. At Behrens we take the time to learn your entertainment interests and understand your viewing environment. Often the best option is defined by your programming choices and display location.

In addition to helping you select the best option, we also provide advanced tuning and installation. Most new TVs and projectors are not optimally calibrated. We know all the various techniques to maximize the display quality. We are also adept at marrying the display to the source device(s). Not all HDMI cables are the same. Choosing the wrong specification, or using the throw-in from the big box store, can have a negative effect on picture quality. You may never know what you are missing.

Finally, our prices are competitive with most reputable retailers and on-line stores. You won’t pay extra for a TV or projector from Behrens. You will, however, benefit from our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Make an appointment today at our Jacksonville showroom to experience our TVs and projectors.