Control Systems & Integration

Services - Home Automation

Here at Behrens Audio Video, we have designed easy yet powerful interfaces that allow you to control your home entertainment systems with the touch of a button. Our solutions can run on a dedicated programmable remote or on a smart device like your iPhone, iPad or Android. Replace the TV, Receiver, DVD Player, CD Player and Cable Box remotes with a single device. Control every room with one remote, dedicated room remotes or just with your phone. No matter your preference Behrens has a solution for you.

Of course we can provide more advanced interfaces for controlling lights, HVAC and security. At Behrens, however, we believe that simpler is better. We prefer to focus on your entertainment needs and implement advanced control only when appropriate. Most of our theaters, for instance, have lighting control. We leave the whole home automation projects to our industry partners. This way we can focus on bringing you the best possible entertainment experience.

We have numerous interface options on display at our Jacksonville showroom. Make an appointment to see a demonstration of our solutions controlling stereo and theater systems.